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Find out where you are on the Scale of Consciousness, and get your full Consciousness Profile™ FREE OF CHARGE (while getting $50 at the same time!). Please watch the intro video below before placing your order, and familiarize yourself with the Scale of Consciousness here.

Here’s what you get:

  • Current Level of Consciousness (Emotions and events throughout the day makes the level fluctuate, but this is your “base level” to which you tend to return when relaxed and centered. It’s where you’ve drawn the illusory subject/object borderline inside).
  • Birth/Incarnation Level (most “old souls” came in somewhat high (usually in the 300’s), but gradually descended after birth because the “norm level” of the Mass Consciousness was much lower, and because the negativity/programming from the Mass Consciousness, parents etc. was unavoidably soaked up).
  • Lowest level (find out how far down you pulled the “rubber band”, before bouncing up again).
  • Energetic opening/potential level (if you do energy work with advanced teachers, this level can be significantly higher than your Current Level. It’s an opening on the energetic level that can accelerate the integration process, and pull up all the stuff from the unconscious that needs to be processed for you to actually realize and settle into this “potential level” as your new base level).

Good to know before you order

  • The mathematical average Level of Consciousness on this planet (January 2019) is ~290.
  • The Level of Mass Consciousness is at 450 (January 2019).
  • Only ~5% of the population are at 500 or above.
  • The minimum level for being energetically ready for The Event/Harvest (according to the Ra Material – Law of One) is more than 50% positive/integrated. This equals 330 or above on the Scale of Consciousness.
  • At this time (January 2019) approximately 35% of the population is “ready for the Event/Harvest” (by above definition).

Get your Consciousness Profile™ for FREE (and get $50 at the same time!)

Talk about win win. Yes, you will have to jump through a few hoops, but you might end up getting a lot more than $50 for free if you follow through on this. Watch the full video for my simple explanation of how this deal works for you:

  1. First you need to install the app using my referral link:
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  3. We both get 50 dollars for free when you sign up, pass KYC and stake 50 MCO in the app (around $160 as of 2. september 2019)
  4. Staking 50 MCO (for 6 months and then it’s all yours to withdraw again) gives you benefits like metal visa debit card (rolling out in the US right now and EU next), cashback on use, fiat withdrawals and up to 10 % interest if you stake a “stable coin” tethered to the price of the US dollar in the app for 3 months at the time (in the video I say 8 %, but they have increased it for US dollar tethered cryptos)
  5. The app has award winning offline storage security and 100 million dollar insurance
  6. Send me an email – sanat [at] domain-name dot com – with your name when the above is done
  7. I will send you the Consciousness Profile™ asap