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Scale of Consciousness, frequency and integration

Every main Level of Consciousness (LOC) is explained in detail below (including suggestions as to how to ascend to the next level). You’ll also find some calibrated examples in the form of movies, books and people for some of the main levels. This should be considered a “work in progress”, and changes will be made once in a while, as new insights come along. To find out what level you are at, please get your Consciousness Profile™ here.

Introduction to the Scale of Consciousness

Every level is a complete and unique paradigm of self-reinforcing experiential/subjective reality. Movement up the Scale of Consciousness can happen gradually and/or in sudden leaps. Overall, the fastest way to move up the Scale is to follow the simple formula of acting on your highest excitement at any given moment with no attachment or insistence on what the outcome ought to be (In yogic terminology this is called: non-attachment to the fruits of your “labour”). In simple terms, you do stuff cause you enjoy doing it, not because of some future “reward”.

This will automatically bring up in you whatever needs to be integrated to go ever deeper, and it will also attract to you whatever is needed in your life to continue the journey. The best way to integrate stuff is to create an inner space of unconditional allowance and non-judgementalism of whatever comes up.

This can be done by first “formally” practicing meditation, and later it should become second nature as an ongoing 24/7 process at all waking hours. This is called being a “stream-winner”, as you’ve now let go of the “safe shore” of the ego rock, and are floating down-river with the stream of life – unraveling your mind as you go.

Every time you integrate something from your unconscious mind, your illusory subject/object boundary line is moved deeper into your being. This subject/object boundary line amounts to “where you are” on the Scale of Consciousness (i.e. your base LOC). This illusory subject/object borderline is created in us because we’ve all taken in X amounts of negativity/programming from the Mass Consciousness, and from parents and society while growing up (newborns don’t have a subject/object borderline).

Since this negativity and programming is too much to be handled all at once (without going insane), we have to create an inner separation – a border line – in order to process it gradually. Beyond the inner borderline is your “sub- and unconscious mind” which amounts to your “karma”. This repressed “mind stuff” is projected unconsciously onto reality and others, and it effectively creates the reality you perceive (i.e. a person with loads of repressed anger will see angry people all over the place, and endless reasons to be angry etc).

As you move up the Levels of Consciousness, your inner boundary line will move ever-closer to the Non-Duality threshold (LOC 670). Non-Duality is what happens when the illusory subject/object borderline is dissolved forever (all “dualistic opposites” are then revealed to be part of an ongoing organic whole, and the “war” between them is over). This will reveal your true eternal Identity and natural Self beyond all programming and seemingly “dualistic opposites”. This is the ultimate integration, and return to the even higher realms of full Enlightenment can begin in earnest.

Before we take a look at each main level, I just want to say that there are always exceptions and individual cases etc. This overview should be considered a picture painted with broad strokes, and not in any way be taken too literally. It’s about gaining a general understanding of the Scale of Consciousness, not creating a new rigid belief system to cling to. That being said, let’s jump right into the main levels.

20 - 199 Demonic (Victim/Abuse) - The Realm of the Negative Collective Ego (Lucifer)

There are basically two kinds of people existing below level 200. Those who are “native” to these levels, and are born and “thrive” there, and those who are temporarily trapped there (but are born higher). The “natives” tend to be rather static and unchangeable (with the sensitivity of a block of ice).

In some cases they will also be consciously dedicated down the Scale of Consciousness (like the occult cabal who walks the negative path, consciously aiming to go as low as possible, and to merge with “Lucifer” (the Collective Negative Ego) in their rituals etc). The Sub 200 level is the realm of the Collective Negative Ego (i.e. Lucifer), and the amount of free will is very limited here. It’s a rather automatic, unconscious and mechanical existence.

At these levels the mind (including the sub- and unconscious) is filled to the brim with repressed “frozen” negativity, and this causes chronic states of repressed negative emotions (shame, anger, pride etc). People trapped here are caught up in the chaotic “maelstrom” of miasma and misery that pervades these levels. It’s a death spiral of lost souls circling the entropic drain of victim/abuse consciousness, and it can be very hard to break free from.

Being born higher is a big advantage though, cause deep inside something will be calling you, and you will know in your embryonic heart that this is not where you truly belong. In these levels you will either be self-destructive or project the negativity outward by being destructive and abusive (or a combination of both).

Those born higher (usually in the 300’s) are sensitive souls, and gradually descended into these sub-200 levels by absorbing negativity from the mass consciousness, from parents and from society in general. Those dedicated to the negative path “thrive” in these levels by projecting all the negativity out onto the world and onto other people.

  • Bottom Half of Sub-200 in no particular order (“evil for evil’s owns sake”): Serial killers, mass murderers, psychopaths, suicidal people, severe mental illness, heavy drug/alcohol addicts… and many members of the occult cabal that has been “in charge” of the planet for eons of time.
  • Examples: Hillary Clinton (LOC 50), John “Skippy” Podesta (LOC 70), George Soros (LOC 60), Richard “Night Stalker” Ramirez (LOC 50). Movie: Martyrs (LOC 50). Book: American Psycho (LOC 75) Music: Mayhem – Dawn of the Black Hearts (LOC 60)
  • Upper Half of Sub-200 in semi-chronological order (“evil out of ignorance, anger, greed etc”): Terrorists, gang members, serial rapists, criminal thugs, hooligans, rough working class people … and trapped souls born at higher levels.
  • How to transcend the sub 200’s: Get the juices and energy flowing again, and build confidence by some kind of physical exercise. Whatever you are most attracted to is good, but a suggestion would be weight lifting or physical yoga (or both). Break free from abusive relationships, and never look back.
  • Percentage of population below 200: ~29 %

200 - 299 Animality (Instinctive Man) - The Realm of the Primordial Ground

Below LOC 200 you are by default oriented down the scale – towards entropy and self-destruction. This all changes once you breach the all-important 200 level threshold. Some will feel this as an internal “pole shift” that can happen out of the blue, and others will perhaps not notice it as clearly. Either way, your head is now above water, and your orientation is again aligned with the natural life-drive – up the scale.

The “natives” at these levels are usually working class people and lower middle class. They follow the “morals of society” as best they can and/or whatever religion/cult/movement they might belong to, without much question. It’s kind of an animal existence, ruled mostly by instinct and the mechanical collective ego.

While people here might be “nice” and “well-meaning” on the surface, you don’t have to scratch too deep before you hit some serious trigger points. The personality can shift to anger on a whim, and due to the fragmented and compartmentalized mind you cannot expect much consistency from people in the 200’s. They are still deep in the clutches of the collective negative ego, and the pull from the sub-200 maelstrom is still strong enough for it to take considerable amounts of energy just to keep afloat (hence “life is a struggle” is the prevailing mentality here).

Most Seekers on the path come into this life somewhere in the 300’s, and once they breach the 200 barrier they will therefore rapidly move upwards to regain their “birth level” and beyond. The 200 to 299 levels are not a big challenge to transcend compared to what they have already been through below 200, so usually they will not notice much inner resistance until they reach the 300’s again. The outside reality of life will probably change a lot though, and your “friends” and “habits” from the sub-200 levels will most likely drop away.

  • Bottom Half of 200’s in no particular order: Working class people, religious people and what you might refer to as “the common man”.
  • Upper Half of 200’s: Lower middle class people. “Group think” and herd mentality abounds throughout 200’s.
  • Examples: Donald J. Trump (LOC 230)
  • How to transcend the 200’s: Just keep on doing what you did to escape the sub-200’s, and perhaps start to add some meditation to your daily routine also. Act on your excitement as much as you can without insistence and attachment to outcome. Let the inner excitement be your leading star, and always let go of whatever feels “old” to allow the new to enter into your life.
  • Percentage of population in the 200’s: ~29 %

300 - 399 Emotionality (Emotional Man) - Release of Repressed Negative Emotions

Now, the Seeker has arrived back in more familiar waters, with a safe distance from the maelstrom of self-destruction in the lower levels. This is a level where a lot of strong emotions will be released, and it can therefore be somewhat turbulent at times. Still, it’s also a level of much joy, optimism and appreciation. The Seeker will here start to get in touch with the deeper heart and intuition, and you could say that the 300’s is a blend of the higher levels and the lower levels.

Some Seekers tend to get stuck at this level, and the main reason is the sneaky trap of the “spiritual ego”. This is when the ego starts to “dress up” as “enlightened” as it can, in order to fool the Seeker into thinking he/she has “arrived”. This is the level of “spiritual ambition”, and also the whole circus side-show of incense, hippies, weird clothes, namaste, vegan diet, crystals and all sorts of spiritual mumbo-jumbo. Not saying these things cannot be used for “good”, but it’s often all a bit ego-driven and “in your face” in the 300’s.

“Natives” (and non-spiritual people) in the 300’s are usually quite happy and somewhat worldly successful middle-class people. You’ll also find a lot of artists, writers, painters and creative people in general in the 300’s. People here are starting to express themselves more as individuals, and are less bound by “norms”. There is still a more subtle herd mentality, but it’s starting to break up and allow for more individual freedom. People are generally a lot more genuine, open and helpful at these levels than in the 200’s.

  • 300’sOptimistic, helpful and genuine people, as well as the whole spiritual ego circus side-show.
  • Examples: Darwin (LOC 320), Putin (LOC 380). Books: Lord of the Rings (LOC 330). Movies: Lord of the Rings (LOC 300). Music: Beatles albums (LOC 310), Modern Talking music (LOC 360).
  • How to transcend the 300’s: Don’t get too distracted by the spiritual side-show with the all the “impressive” special effects, chakra healing and tarot cards etc. Also, don’t waste time and energy trying to “be” spiritual in the eyes of others, or fall asleep around some guru or cozy spiritual group. Keep the focus on your path, and keep acting on your true excitement. Remember, the road to the top can be a lonely one at times, and you might need to make sacrifices on the way.
  • Percentage of population in the 300’s: ~30 %

400 - 499 Reason (Intellectual Man) - The Crystallized Intellect Cocoon

When the brunt of the frozen negative emotions from the lower levels have melted off, what remains is the crystallized cocoon of the intellect. This level can be very hard to transcend, precisely because it feels so “safe”. You are literally on top of the worldly world of the ego here – brimming with confidence, goodness and abilities. Some people admire you, and many envy you (depending on their own level).

People native to the 400’s are usually very successful in whatever they are doing. You’ll find high powered business people here, and also influential and high level artists and scientists (even some at genius level in the upper 400’s). At this level you don’t stop until you’ve achieved excellence, and people in the 400’s are “born leaders” that most would enjoy working under.

For the Seeker who wants to go even higher, the challenge is to break free from the hard and secure shell of the intellect cocoon. You might feel like you have it “all figured out” at this level, so where can you go? This is the level where the old Zen monks would sometimes apply a healthy dose of “tough love” with “the stick” (both physical and/or energetical/verbal) to crack the shell open.

  • 400’sMiddle and upper middle class, successful business people, high level scientists and artists and healthy, whole and successful people in general.
  • Examples: Jordan Peterson (LOC 410), David Wilcock (LOC 400), Tony Robbins (LOC 430), Simon Sinek (LOC 470). Books: Kant books (LOC 430), Aristotle books (LOC 420), Hamlet (480). Movies: 2001: A Space Odyssey (LOC 420), The Wizard of Oz (LOC 430). Music: Vivaldi – English Concerts (LOC 450).
  • How to transcend the 400’s: As tempting as it can be to “hold onto” this level, the important thing (if you want to go higher that is) is to be prepared to let go of stuff that might seem completely illogical to let go of. Your life at this level usually all “makes sense”, and the leap of faith into the mystic dimension of the 500’s cannot be understood by the intellect. A high level (700 to 1000) teacher can be very helpful at this point. Whatever is needed will come to you with synchronicity as long as you are willing to continue to unravel.
  • Percentage of population in the 400’s: ~7 %

500 - 599 Love (Intuitive Man) - Impersonal Love & the Unchanging Witness

The 500’s is a completely new paradigm that is radically different from all the levels below. In the 400’s you are on top of the mundane world (so to speak), but in the 500’s you are sort of on the bottom of the “spiritual world”. While you might be popular and shine in the 400’s, the 500’s can make you kind of “invisible” to a lot of people on the lower levels. Your vibration has become too high to be matched by most, and you will therefore be subject to their projections instead. A genuine, friendly and loving smile will more often than not be taken as “mockery” (especially by men, while women will be more receptive to it).

You’ll soon discover that most people are afraid of real love, and many will “shrink”, “shiver” and/or contract inside in your presence. This inner contraction protects them from bringing up all the stuff they need to face (which would be too much) in order to match your vibration. It can be felt by a sensitive LOC 500 soul as a form of subtle “violence”, and it does not feel good when it reflects in your being. Feeling other people’s repressed negativity becomes more common as you are getting more and more empty inside, and many in the 500’s need a lot of solitude and don’t prefer big groups of noisy minds.

There are very few, if any, “natives” in the 500’s. This is generally a level you don’t reach without being a dedicated Seeker. It’s also a level where “strange things” (so-called Siddhi’s), like spontaneous out-of-body experiences or actually perceiving other people’s thoughts directly, can happen. These are involuntarily happenings cause the “veil” is thin at these levels, and it’s not something to “look for”, take credit for or cling to in any way. Regard them as “signposts” that you are on the right track, and “proof” from the Higher Self that “you are not your body”.

540 Unconditional/Impersonal Love and the inner Witness

540 is an important sub-level in the 500’s, and breaching this level you have truly reached the starting point of true unconditional and impersonal love. Kundalini energy running up the spine and hitting the brain with “pleasure waves” can happen at this level, and you will find that the mind no longer has the power to drag you away from the “now” with its usual “daydreams”. In fact, if you daydream at this level, you will be seen by others to seemingly be lost in a daydream, but you will be fully alert beyond the daydream which you will perceive as moving through in front of “you”.

That’s how deep the “subject/object” borderline now has been drawn. At this level your very identity shifts from being mixed up with the ever-changing modifications of the mind, to the permanent, unchangeable and impartial inner “Witness” (depicted in many cultures all over the world as “the third eye” or the “Eye of Horus” etc). This “Witness” is simply the core of the ego that acts like a lense for Consciousness to focus itself into the physical 3D reality.

Without all the layers of distortion, your mind now becomes focused more and more like a “laser beam”. You are able to penetrate deep into any subject matter and grasp the essence. The same goes for people you meet. You will discern their essence and intention intuitively and immediately, and some will be frustrated because you’re not talking to what they say, but to the deeper intention behind their words (which in many cases they themselves are completely unaware of). At this level you are primarily guided by intuition in both small everyday choices, as well as life changing decisions.

  • 500’sDedicated Seekers on the pathless path, and also what is considered “saints” in many cultures.
  • Examples: Arthur Schopenhauer (LOC 540), Carl Jung (LOC 520), Socrates (LOC 530). Books: A Course in Miracles (LOC 540), The World as Will and Representation (LOC 535). Movies: Lost Horizon (1973) (LOC 520), The Shawshank Redemption (LOC 505). Music: Snatam Kaur music (LOC 510), Deva Premal music (LOC 510), Stephan Micus – The Garden of Mirrors (LOC 525).
  • How to transcend the 500’s: It seems that most people who go higher than 500 make a sudden leap into Non-duality (670+), and don’t really need to experience the lower 600’s (which we will discuss next). Kundalini and joy will build up to a sort of “boiling point” in which the “quantum leap” happens all by itself. However, it’s still good to use your laser focused mind to keep cleansing inside, and the energetic guidance of a fully Enlightened teacher is a very good idea if you want to transcend this level.
  • Percentage of population in 500 to 1000: ~5 %

600 - 639 - The Dark Night of the Soul - The Ego Core Duality (Lucifer Within)

This is quite an uncommon level to experience, and many will never have to experience the lower 600’s at all. The reason for this is that it’s far more common to make the jump into Non-Duality (670+) and beyond from the higher 500’s directly. In the low 600’s you are very close to the core of the ego (the “inner Lucifer”), which in the negative aspect is pure rage and in furious opposition to the Soul/Consciousness it was “cast out” from to begin with.

In the positive aspect this “inner Lucifer” is also the “bringer of Light” (Lucifer means “light-bringer” in Latin). In this sense, the ego core is simply a “neutral lense/prism” that the Light of Consciousness is focused through to have a 3D life experience. In the low 600’s you get to experience both of these aspects of the ego core directly.

Your mind is laser focused, and at the same time you might sometimes feel like ranting and raving in anger against the misery of the world, and at your own suffering of being “this close” to freedom, and yet not quite there. What really helps to calm the rage of the ego core is the conscious cultivation of gratefulness. Especially effective is being grateful for the anger, or other negative emotions that might be thrown at you by the inner Lucifer, and also to be grateful for outside events that you might deem as “negative” at first glance. In short, be grateful for all you would normally be the opposite for, cause then the ego core really has no more ammunition to fire at you.

Making an “enemy” of the ego core (inner Lucifer) is not a good idea at all. This will only perpetuate the situation, and it’s exactly what the negative aspect of the ego core wants. You have to befriend the inner Lucifer, and overwhelm it with unconditional gratefulness and love. Remember, it was already perceived to be abandoned once, when it was “cast out of Heaven” from the oneness with the Soul not long after physical birth. Now, it’s threatened again to be abandoned – by you – in the realm of Non-Duality.

No wonder it will throw everything it’s got at you in the “Dark Night of the Soul” (which in reality is rather a “dark night of the ego core”). Since I am still at this level myself, I’m gonna have to update this section a bit when/if I manage to transcend it, and finally reach Non-Duality (believe me, I’m working on it… in a “non-working” kind of way, of course :).

What I can say is that this meditation exercise might help ease you into Non-Duality experiences, and other than that it’s important to try to drop the tendency of the mind to “grasp” Non-Duality “up front”, so to speak. Drop all the learned knowledge about it (easier said than done, I know), and focus on looking for your own “self” inside. My experience is that the more you try to pinpoint this “self” inside, the closer you get to the realization that there is no “inside vs outside” in the first place – and in this realization the borderline between the Seeker and the Sought dissolves.

670 - 1000 - Non-Duality (Borderless/Natural Man) - Moving Into Full Enlightenment

As I want to write everything based on my own direct experience, having started my journey in LOC 50 and moved gradually through all the main levels explained above, I will wait with this chapter until I actually reach Non-Duality (hopefully within this lifetime and while my body is still somewhat young…:). Meanwhile, here is a video where I explain my intuitive idea of how the subject/object borderline dissolves:

Levels of Consciousness Summary

Below 200200 to 499500 to 639670 to 1000
Demonic/AnimalisticAnimalistic/Emotion/IntellectImpersonal/Unconditional LoveIsness
Collective negative egoIndividualisation IndividualBeingness
NarcissismSelf + othersSelfless serviceSelf is All
Raw EgoRefined EgoSoul/ego coreSoul/Consciousness
Linear ContentContent/(Context)Context/(Content)Context
BlameDoingHappeningNon-doership (unfolding)
Hierarchy Hierarchy/(Equality)Equality/(Hierarchy)Equality