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Does Bitcoin have value, or is it a worthless bubble about to burst?

Here we explore the concept of value. We then take a look at what the real value of Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain is, versus the value of fiat and gold.

What is value?

  • What is the value of fiat currency and gold?
  • What is the value of the system in which fiat currency and gold has value?
  • Does Bitcoin and cryptcurrency have value?
  • What is the value of the system in which Bitcoin and other cryptos have value?
  • Only life has intrinsic value. Which of the two systems is potentially most life supporting?

The core benefit of the Blockchain

Trivializes trust:

Just like Internet has trivialized distance of information, so the Blockchain is trivializing trust.

Internet transfers information instantly, while the Blockchain transfers value (almost instantly), and without possibility for fraud.

Simple example:

Internet is copy/paste, while Blockchain is cut/paste.

The core benefits of Bitcoin

Scarcity: 21 mill. unites mined in predictiable tempo until appr. 2140 (appr. 4.5 mill. BTC «lost» forever)

Digital gold: Very similar to gold, but easier to divide, spend, sell, transport (across borders) etc.

Ownership: With a cold wallet (Nano Ledger S), nobody can touch your values.

Insulation: From inflation and gov. mismanagement (Venezuela, Zimbabwe etc).

Speed/freedom: Blockchain never closes, and transactions are quick world wide (especially with the coming lightning network)

Transparency & Privacy: Everything is traceable and stored, yet a lot more private than buying with credit card.

Why I have invested in Bitcoin

Hint: Huge potential for growth

  • Less than 1% of population is into crypto per today (my personal dowsing estimate is 0.1% ≈ 730 mill. people)
  • It’s been estimated that only 0.05 – 0.1% own Bitcoin (my personal dowsing estimate is 0.06% ≈ 438 mill. people)
  • Bitcoin market cap = $150 Billion. Cash, money & precious metals = $200 Trillion. (6.75% = $13.5T BTC MC = $1 mill. per BTC in 2020)
  • More than 15 mill. millionaires worldwide (potential large scale investors)
  • Look to Japan for how it can become in the near future

Bitcoin or Altcoin?

  • Bitcoin has the brand name (trust)
  • Bitcoin has the momentum (widespread)
  • Altcoins are risky bets, and even if they do «make it», the % increase will prob. not beat Bitcoin (only Bancor has the potential to beat BTC in % increase by 2020).
  • Bitcoin and Ether are the safest bets
  • BTC & ETH are «protocol» (invest mainly in the railroad being built, instead of betting on the potential train companies that might be successful using the railroad (or not)).

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