– Dismantle the Inner Lucifer & Be Free

A complete metaphysical (esoteric/occult) worldview is here explored and exposed from both from the perspective of positivity/integration (“White magic”) and negativity/segregation (“Black magic”).

Firstly, you are introduced to a complete model of the Consciousness/ego/mind complex, and we clarify how it can be used to understand both yourself and the world from a deeper perspective. Start by watching the video below which gives you a nice overview, and learn even more about the Scale of Consciousness here.

Scale of Consciousness

The root cause of inner suffering and discontentedness is the illusion of being an entity separated from Reality. This illusion is created by the alter/ego – and the fragmented mind – as your identity is seemingly split off from the borderless, non-dual Identity of the pure Soul/Consciousness by the illusory subject/object borderline.

The ego/mind complex (including the sub- and unconscious mind) is like a many-layered ever-changing kaleidoscopic lens that pure Consciousness shines through. The quantity and quality of these layers determine your experience of the world – and of yourself.

  • The positive path of “white magic” is all about integrating the fragmented mind, and allow awareness to become evermore aware of itself until the subject/object borderline disappears and you rest again in the borderless non-dual Identity of your true Beingness.
  • The negative path of “black magic” is all about further fragmentation and isolation from Soul/Consciousness, and thus merging with – and becoming a vessel for – the Collective negative ego (Lucifer).

Any given individual’s Level of Consciousness (LOC) can be perceived intuitively, and/or measured with dowsing rods (or applied kinesiology) according to the Scale of Consciousness. Things like movies, books, teachings, works of art – as well as food items and supplements – can also be measured according to the Scale, as they all vibrate at a certain frequency.

Once a certain Level of Consciousness is reached (usually above LOC 540), a quantum leap into non-duality (LOC 670 and above) becomes evermore probable/possible. When this happens the illusory subject/object borderline disappears, and you have finally arrived home.

Mass Consciousness Development (year 0 until 2050)

Below is a graphical illustration of the ongoing Ascension process from year 0 until present (2018), and the stippled line is the most likely development projected into the future (all data arrived at via dowsing some time in 2016). Check out the video below, and my detailed article here if you want to learn more.

You can also check this video for a good illustration (using cymatics) of how the Ascension works with regards to frequency.

Black Magic Unveiled & How Everything Changed in the Fall of 2016

“You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problems, but everyone refuses to believe in magic” – Alice in Wonderland

This article is a direct transcript of a video series I was inspired to make back in late 2016, around the time when pizzagate first broke. A lot of what was predicted in this year-old video series is now becoming more and more obvious every passing day. We explore both black and white magic in detail here.

When most people think of magic, they think of the sleight-of-hand tricks of the stage magician who waves a wand and pulls a rabbit out of his hat… It’s a special effect, it’s not real, it’s fake – it’s an illusion…

But what if there was another kind of magic? A kind of magic that is so vast in scope – so all-pervading – and so immediate that almost nobody is able to question or pinpoint its uncanny presence…

In this article you’ll discover:

  • The 2 major synergetic black magic schemes the occult elite have used to effectively mind control the whole planet
  • Exactly how and why these large scale black magic schemes actually work (and how to counter them most efficiently)
  • The deep-rooted psychological reason why the occult elite worship Lucifer, and who (or what) Lucifer really is (this one will shock you to the core, literally!)
  • How everything changed in the fall of 2016 (and why it is now time to take the battle to the next level)
  • A 90-second White Magic Jedi Mind Trick that will help keep you sane while tumbling down the rabbit hole


The world wide trending #Pizzagate story has – like no other event in history – revealed to the world that the occult elite are into Satanic/Luciferian black magic.

For those of us who have investigated these things for a while, this is not at all surprising.

However, the evidence have never been more clear than what has now come out via Wikileaks, the Podesta emails and the whole grassroots level investigation going on a forums like Voat and other places.

I don’t know about you, but I always wanted to understand evil. I mean, really understand it to the core. Ever since I was very young I had this drive to understand the true nature of evil.

Why is our history so filled with extreme brutality and grotesque violence? Why do serial killers do the nasty stuff they do? Why do so many prominent people molest and abuse innocent children?

It’s been a life-long investigation into occult and esoteric knowledge, philosophy, history etc., and because of everything coming out these days I’ve decided to put my perspective out there for anyone interested to hopefully benefit from.

In this article I will reveal the underlying deep-rooted psychological mechanisms of black magic.

I will demonstrate with great clarity how the occult elite have used black magic to, in fact, MK-ultra-style mind control the whole of humanity.

I will also explain the deeper psychological reason why the occult elite are into the sick and evil stuff they are into, and exactly how and why it works.


To counterbalance all the negative stuff we will go into, I will also be talking about how, as of the fall/winter of 2016, everything has changed in a MAJOR POSITIVE WAY.

The first parts of this article might seem very gloomy and negative, but if you bear with me I can promise you there is a major light at the end of the tunnel (and no, it’s not a train coming towards us, it’s our ultimate victory).

At the very end of this article I will present a simple 90-second Jedi white magic trick that anyone can use to counter the black magic of the occult elite, and take the battle to the next level.

This is something everyone can learn and do in matter of seconds, and it will help keep you sane as you delve deeper and deeper into the ever-expanding rabbit hole.

Black Magic & Mass Consciousness

In order to understand black magic we first need some basic esoteric knowledge about the Mass Consciousness (also called the Collective Consciousness), and how it works in relation to our own individual consciousness.

Just like the Internet is comprised of billions of individual computers, so the Collective/Mass Consciousness is a pool comprised of all individual Souls on the planet.

Proving the existence of a Mass Consciousness is not really my aim here, but I will give some indicators to make it more comprehensible as a concept you can research further on your own if you wish.

Multiple Discovery (or simultaneous invention)

I’ll start with a concept called “multiple discovery”. Here is a quote from a Fox News slide show titled “The 9 craziest cases of simultaneous invention”:

“Throughout history, major scientific breakthroughs and notable inventions have occurred simultaneously and independently among different thinkers and inventors, who, more often than not, had no direct contact with each other. The phenomenon is known as “multiple discovery.”

Wikipedia also has a long list of examples of the phenomena of multiple discovery.

A hundred monkeys can’t be wrong

The 100th monkey effect is also strong indicator of interconnection between species. For those who don’t know, this is an experiment in which certain monkeys learned a trick (washing sweet potatoes), and when a critical mass was reached (the proverbial 100th monkey) this skill spread to the whole species, even to monkeys who had no way of directly observing the skill as they were on islands miles away.

This is exactly what is happening these days with Pizzagate and the mass awakening going on. We have reached critical mass of people breaking free from the propaganda matrix, and now the truth is spreading like wildfire while the establishment is in absolute meltdown panic.

Humanity has reached critical mass

Anyway, I’m not really interested in proving these things to any skeptic. If the concept of a mass consciousness is too much for you to swallow I suggest you simply suspend disbelief.

What I intent to do is to demonstrate with absolute clarity how the occult elite have used black magic to manipulate, dominate and control the mass consciousness of this planet, and thereby effectively mind control the totality of the population.

It’s crucial to understand this if we want to be as efficient as possible in defeating them, with the smoothest possible transition to the new paradigm.

The occult elite have full access to all esoteric knowledge through their secret societies and family lineages, and they are using it against us whether we “believe in it” or not.

You can argue against what they believe in, but you cannot really argue against the fact that it seems to have been working pretty darn well for them up until this point.

Luckily, the tide is now finally turning.

The occult elite also enjoy keeping their esoteric knowledge hidden from the “ignorant masses”, while at the same time putting their own perverted upside-down version of it in our faces through cartoons, movies, sports events, television series, music videos, commercials and concerts etc.

The symbolism and the subliminals are well known and easy to learn more about on YouTube, but the black magic I will be talking about is far more fundamental than these little trickeries.

How to use skeptics as proof

One more thing about the mass consciousness before we conclude this chapter:

Have you noticed that whenever you try to convey an idea that is not “mainstream” to a “skeptic” who really knows nothing of the subject, that their reaction and “counter-argument” is usually extremely quick and automatic?

There is no pause or consideration at all, it just pops out like a reflex.

Perhaps you have also noticed that the exact same “counter-argument” pops out of completely different people as if they are all reading from the same script?

Well, in a way they are. It’s the mainstream narrative popping into their head from the mass consciousness with lightning speed to “protect” them from the paradigm breaking information you are presenting.

Hope this gave you some food for thought. In the next part we will delve into the first and most fundamental black magic trick of the occult elite.

Pizza and The Original Sin

In the previous part we introduced the concept of the Collective Mass Consciousness, and now we will explore how the occult elite have employed it as a weapon against us with their large scale black magic shenanigans.

Let’s start right at the beginning. When a baby is born, it comes into this world and it cannot separate itself from its surroundings.

The newborn Soul has a pure and wide open consciousness that is in a state of oceanic oneness with the Mass Consciousness of the Planet and with the Universe itself.

So far so good, right? The problem with the Mass Consciousness pool of our planet is that it is severely polluted. This pollution consists of all the accumulated negativity that has been orchestrated by the occult elite for eons of time.

Most, if not all, of the large scale negative events of the last 100 years alone were orchestrated by the occult elite who also made huge profits from many of these events (WWI, WWII, 9/11 etc.).

We shall now see how this mass pollution of the Collective Mass Consciousness has affected each and every one of us literally from birth.

The original wounding (separation)

What happens to the pure Soul of the newborn as it enters and becomes one with the severely polluted and negative mass consciousness of our planet?

In order to shield itself from the massive incoming trauma of the mass consciousness, the Soul creates a separation, or an alter if you wish. This is the birth of the ego – and it is born in fear.

This is the “original sin”, or the “original wounding” or “original separation”, that nobody being born can escape. The artificial, false and fear-based construct of the ego then becomes the foundation that the rest of the developing personality, and life, is built upon.

This original wounding or separation, which is at the very center of everyone’s personality construct, is the very cornerstone in the black magic scheme of the occult elite.

Since everyone’s personality construct is built upon a “shaky and existentially insecure” foundation we all become a lot easier to program and manipulate.

Our tendency to look for “outside authority” to guide us and tell us “the truth” is strengthened because of this original separation.

Throughout history it has made us look to the priesthood, and more recently to the media, to science and to the government for answers and guidance.

In short, it has made us look “to them”, which, of course, is exactly what they want.

This means that just by being born everyone on the planet is, in fact, already under MK Ultra-style trauma based mind control.

The alter/ego of “normal people” is born from trauma just like the multiple alters/egos severely abused children develop. The abused children simply suffer from a more extreme version of separation and fragmentation because their trauma is much more extreme.

The obsession with pizza symbology is probably, in part, an allusion to this splitting effect where each slice of pizza is seen as an alter.


So, we have now seen that the mass pollution of negativity/trauma in the pool of the Collective Consciousness creates the MK Ultra-style mind control effect on everyone being born.

In the next chapter we will explore who this mysterious Lucifer creature that the occult elite worship really is.

Buckle your seat-belt, Dorothy, cause Texas is going bye bye…

Who is Lucifer, Really?

To summarize what we have gone through so far. The occult elite is consciously using large scale negativity to pollute the Collective Consciousness of the planet.

This poisons the pool and splits everyone being born into a Soul/ego duality. This sense of separation and isolation is the true underlying cause of all unhappiness and inner suffering.

Even if you have managed to develop a rather decent and healthy personality on top of the alter/ego core, there is always something there that is not quite right.

You can never really feel fully content or fulfilled no matter what you achieve or gain in life.

This deep-rooted sense of separation and isolation drives people to seek for solutions in all sorts of addictions and obsessions. Some people spiral into self-destruction or violence, while others build empires in an attempt to fill the void they feel inside.

Others live their lives in “quiet desperation” or manic shallow “happiness”…

Lucifer explained

Here is the crucial point: The occult elite is actually worshiping the core of the alter/ego – personified as Lucifer.

As we know from mythology, Lucifer is the rebellious fallen angel, cast out of Heaven, that is in opposition to God. This is a very accurate analogy of what happens to everyone after physical birth – as the ego is born.

The Soul casts out a part of itself that becomes the ego. At the core this ego is infuriated and inflamed like a wronged child because it has been cast out in perceived isolation to act like a shield for the Mass Consciousness negativity and the slings and arrows of life.

In most normal people this “inner rebellious narcissistic child” is contained to various degrees, although it can rear its ugly head sometimes when triggered.

Many times it can also be the deepest motivation behind seemingly “good causes” or “good intentions” (as is the case with the majority of the leftist/liberal political correctness movement).

From its deep dark throne in the unconscious, Lucifer operates in the sub-conscious regions and in the shadows of our minds, pulling strings and levers we might not be aware of unless we pay close attention.

A mature and sound person has developed a well-functioning cage/personality to contain this narcissistic inner rebel, but he’s still there deep inside, raging and constantly scheming and looking for ways to exert his influence in unobserved moments.

In some people, serial killers and psychopaths for example, this inner rebellious and scornful avenger has the ability to take completely over the show, and to express its inflamed satanic rage in destructive ways upon the world.

The same, of course, is true for the occult elite who worship this inner narcissistic rebel. They partake in abusive ritualistic ceremonies in order to be consumed and possessed by its destructive forces. If you’ve ever seen a persons eyes turn pitch black in rage you will know what I’m talking about.


So, by poisoning the well of the mass consciousness the occult elite are making sure that the “god” they worship is, in fact, implanted at the very core of everyone’s personality structure as the gatekeeper to our true Beingness – as a gatekeeper to our Soul.

How is that for black magic for you?

Of course, you could argue that it’s their “god”, Lucifer, acting through the occult elite doing this to make sure to perpetuate itself. That’s a chicken and egg argument we will not go into here.

It’s sufficient to conclude that “fighting the elite” only on the physical level is not enough. The battle also runs through each and every one of us, and it truly is a battle for our Soul.

The Media Mass Effect

So, we have seen that the massive negativity of the mass consciousness creates the original separation from the true Beingness of our Soul, but that is only the beginning of the black magic mind control orchestrated by the occult elite.

As soon as the initial separation into an alter/ego has taken place, it’s all about the programming of this alter/ego.

Just like in MK Ultra where different alters can be programmed with different tasks and missions (via hypnosis and triggers etc.), so the alter/ego of everyone is being programmed from the very beginning.

This programming comes from the obvious outside sources of people who’ve already gone through the same mind control programming, such as parents, teachers, education, media, television and so forth.

Mass Mind Control explained

But more importantly, it also comes directly from the Mass Consciousness itself. Let’s explore how this works.

The elite controlled corporate media has been dominating the world for a long time. The same fake narrative has been spewed through every channel making it seem real since “everyone is saying it”.

In short, the mass corporate media has served, and is still attempting to serve, as a smokescreen for the real self-serving agenda of the occult elite.

When virtually everyone is exposed to, and buys into, the same narrative at the same time, this creates a massive imprint on the mass consciousness.

As people then proceed to discuss what they have seen within the given mainstream paradigm, this naturally reinforces and cements this narrative even more strongly.

To use a Reddit-analogy, you could say that everyone “up-votes” a certain narrative and makes it the dominating paradigm in the mass consciousness.

This is the reason why questioning the official narrative has been such an uphill battle for so many years.

It’s also the reason why no amount of logic, proof or argument could convince certain family members or friends that the official narrative of 9/11 is completely bogus.

It’s also the reason why so many people these days are in total meltdown and hysteria about the Trump Presidency.

To compensate for their repressed and deep-rooted existential insecurity a certain percentage of the population always identify with the perceived “strongest narrative” in the mass consciousness.

The black magic programming is working in them and through them at full capacity, and they are “useful idiots” for the occult elites agenda (the whole leftist/liberal political correctness movement is the prime example of this).

The best advice is to ignore such people, and concentrate on those that are more ripe and ready to free themselves from the matrix.


So, we have now revealed the two major black magic tricks the occult elite has been using to control and manipulate humanity.

Mass Consciousness trauma installs the vengeful and rebellious “Lucifer” as a gatekeeper of our Soul at the core of our ego/personality structure.

This core existential insecurity makes us ripe for mass programming that again make many of us unknowingly serve the elite agenda and create even more mass negativity. It’s a negative death-spiral.

If you think this all looks bleak and hopeless, hang in there, because the good news is coming.

Remember, the occult elite is never stronger than the strength of the fake narrative/paradigm they have imprinted into the mass consciousness.

And that fake narrative smokescreen is now finally collapsing as the truth it has hidden is coming into view for more and more people every day.

In the next chapter I will talk about the major turning point that has happened in the fall of 2016.

How everything changed in the fall of 2016

We have explored the depths of black magic, and as hopeless as it might seem, a major turning point is actually happening right now.

We have now finally reached a critical mass of people who are freeing themselves from the matrix of the “mainstream paradigm”. Brexit, Trump and the viral Pizzagate investigation are all crystal clear signs of this ongoing paradigm shift.

Huge irreparable rabbit holes have opened up in the smokescreen of the discredited dying corporate media’s narrative, and new people are pouring in every day like never before.

This fall/winter of 2016 we have finally reached the tipping point. We now have the momentum, and the establishment is on the defensive for the first time in history.

This is why they are panicking and pushing the “fake news” mantra from all channels. It’s only furthering their downfall.

Their fake narrative has been significantly “down-voted” in the mass consciousness, and the truth is being increasingly revealed by the day as more and more people opt out of the fake mainstream paradigm.

It’s not going to be a cake walk, but it’s going to be a downhill battle from here, as more and more people are waking up, and more stuff comes to the light every day.

What we have seen so far is only the beginning as the rabbit hole is a lot deeper than many realize.

We better be prepared for unexpected twists and turn of events, even seemingly and temporary setbacks, but the snowball is rolling downhill and cannot be stopped at this point.

I thank you for bearing with me through a lot of negative stuff, and I hope you have gained some insights from this.

However, I will now shift my focus onto white magic, and more specifically to a simple little exercise that you can do to counter the black magic of the dying elite and cleanse yourself from its influence.

White magic and Enlightenment

Because of the original separation and the traumas of growing up, we all have a fragmented mind separated at the core from our true Beingness or Soul.

While the effect of black magic is all about separation, White Magic is all about integration.

By integrating our repressed fragments and becoming more whole in ourselves we are performing White Magic.

The ultimate integration is called Enlightenment.

This Enlightenment occurs when the core of the ego is re-integrated with the Beingness of the Soul that it separated from shortly after physical birth.

First all the fragments of the ego must be integrated, then the ego itself will dissolve into the larger Self of the Soul, finally ending the painful original separation.

There are actually quite many people all over the world these days that have managed to heal the original separation and reintegrate with their Soul.

In the final chapter I will reveal an ultra-simple method for everyone interested in practicing White Magic to become a more integrated, whole and content person.

90-Second White Magic Exercise

The simple exercise I will share with you now is perfect to kick-start and accelerate this process of integration.

Find a comfortable position and sit with your back straight and eyes closed. Focus on the breath and calm down for about 15-30 seconds.

Once you are calm and focused put all your attention and focus on the tongue resting in your mouth. Focus on the tongue for about 10-15 seconds, and then shift your attention back onto yourself. By “yourself” I mean the vague sense of beingness, or of “you”, that is normally unnoticed in the background.

By putting your attention on your own pure and incorruptible awareness you are actually starting to reconnect with your Soul beyond the ego and the programming.

You can rest there for as long as you wish, and you can do this exercise as much or as little as you wish.

If you spend a lot of time in the rabbit hole digging up nasty stuff about Pizzagate etc., you can use this little exercise as a way of cleansing yourself. It’s like “taking a shower” after digging in the dirt.

It’s a short cut to meditation, and you can use as suits you best.

The personal benefits of meditation are many, and fighting the elite only on the physical level can be a hard struggle and even effect your mental balance if you have nothing to counter the negativity with.

Taking it to the metaphysical level gives you more balance and energy to carry on, and it helps clean up the Mass Consciousness at the same time.

The more people who integrate themselves, the more positive the Mass Consciousness becomes.

There is already a huge movement of people doing this inner work, either consciously or unconsciously, and we are finally seeing some real results of it now.

This is the time to double down our efforts, and take the battle to the deepest level at the core of our being.